The Stupid Gene

Ok, I just want to clarify that this post is not bashing the male gender. As a matter of fact this blog title comes from my husband because he is the one who came up with it. So as I am sitting here holding go-go boy (our six month old), who just wants to chomp on anything, but mostly our fingers, unmentionable parts (of me!) and my laptop because his teeth are coming in. Then my two, almost three year old, is tormenting his sister by kicking her in the behind, pulling off the swim cap she is wearing (to keep her bangs, that we are trying to grow out, out of her eyes) and all I can think of is The Stupid Gene. I get after my two year old and he gets mad at me because I am getting after him?! Say what? All I can think of is The Stupid Gene.

The Stupid Gene is something my husband says boys have. He admits he has it too, but it is especially in little boys. They just do the most ridiculous things. Things that I should be able to laugh about most times, but more often than not their antics drive me to distraction. If you ask them why they have done something they can never answer. So when we find food spatters on the ceiling, or dirt piles beneath our hutch, they never fess up to it. But let me share a little secret, before we had boys there was nothing on our ceilings and there was definitely nothing beneath our furniture or hutches. Mostly because our girls were not like that, plus back then I was doing most of the cleaning. Now that there are ten of us, the work gets spread around a little more each year. However, it’s very hard to teach our boys how to do their chores (sweeping the dining room, putting dishes away, cleaning their room and more recently my husband is teaching our nine year old to do the boys laundry, so they are responsible for having clean clothes and not blame anyone else if they don’t because they were putting ALL their clothes in the dirty laundry pile. Yes, clean and dirty clothes end up in the dirty pile because they are still learning to put their clean clothes away too.)

Oh and my daughter just came in crying because one of my older boys was swinging a stick and bonked her on the side of the head. Ouch! Again The Stupid Gene reigns, he’s been told not to swing sticks, arrows or anything else for that matter around other people. Why don’t they remember?

Oh and my two year old likes to do somersaults on our bed over and over again regardless of where he lands. On me, on the baby, on the floor…actually he hasn’t hit the floor due to somersaults…yet. That really isn’t The Stupid Gene though, it is just waaaay too much energy bursting out in an odd way. I have another boy who jumps up and down. Yep, without watching so if we are all sprawled on our bed watching a movie, he jumps on us too. Our oldest boy does not really seem to struggle with an excessive amount of energy. He is just a big tease. Wonder what go-go boy will do, he’s already moving. He even squirms while he nurses…I hurt thinking about being treated like a rubber band….ouchie-pachowchie.

We may be in trouble. Help save us from The Stupid Gene!

Unfortunately my husband was not available to provide further inspiration or consultation during the writing or editing of this post. However, I may be appealing to him for ideas so that I can feature a regular Stupid Gene post.

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  1. Sky says:

    I totally get it. Those boys (and men) they are just different creatures! Good luck, Mama!

  2. Oh boy, I’m hoping they grow out of those genes! ;)

  3. Yeah, they are very strange and I know they think that of us too, but hey, I am not one of them so I just don’t get it sometimes.

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