Ugghhh, it’s been a while since I looked at the home page and tonight (or this morning, as it is 1:30AM), I was working on something and happen to discover the blog all out of whack. I think I know what happened….a certain helper has been using Visual and not HTML mode while editing and working on posts. Ugggh….Wordpress. So
I apologize for our distorted look, but we will be working to return it to it’s normal state.

For those of you not familiar with the admin section of a WordPress blog, usually when we write our posts we use HTML (it’s a code with letters and gobbly gook symbols – how’s that for a technical explanation!) because the distorted look is not likely to occur as often. Working in Visual mode creates the distorted look when we cut and paste into a new post, add images there etc. And it is usually more difficult and more time consuming to fix, unfortunately.

This is not what I had planned for the weekend. Nor did I plan on having a bunch of sick children either. :-( So if you don’t see our regular posts, that will be why.

We thank you for your patience as we clean up our dust around here. We look forward to your visits and comments.

Take care and have a great weekend! I was hoping to finish up some work so I could take most of next week off to do family stuff, doesn’t look like that’is going to happen. Sigh. Be thankful, be thankful……(a children’s song that I cannot remember the rest of the words to except those…so very hard to keep a thankful heart when things continue to go wrong. Ahhhh yes, I am indeed human).

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