Monday Motivation

Ok, I missed last week’s motivation, but I was trying to start my vacation, well, from one client, however, I kept myself busy with another client’s stuff and farm and family stuff! What can I say? I can always find something to do! We even went to see a house near where we hope/plan to farm next year, but we really need to get this house fixed up before we can even try show it!

Last week’s Monday Motivation:

~ This week I am very thankful for two friends, Sarah and Professor, who have agreed to review products and write reviews. As an introduction, Sarah is our pastor’s wife, mom to seven and a former nurse. She enjoys gardening, healthy living and eating. Professor is my neighbor and friend who is mommy to three and an English Professor at the University of Phoenix online.

~ Since we were so busy last week, this week we will be staying home except for our outings to the YMCA to swim, which we all love. The children are improving. Two of them passed the swim test to swim in the deep end, so now they can really work on their endurance. We might even try the open rock climb this week. Rock climbing is on the agenda for this week! And the boys are now going under water, one of the girls has been brave enough to go off the diving board so our YMCA membership has now become our Christmas gift to ourselves!

~ Getting some client work done and preparing for some time off from one client for the month of November. Puttering on other business projects. This is ongoing.

~ Hopefully complete and submit our business plan to the Farm Business Development Center.This is ongoing as I figure out our projected income and expenses! The end is nearer than it was though.

~ Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. So thankful we live in a small house that it will just take a little direction and participation from yours truly to hopefully get things in tip-top shape, well, as much as they can be with ten people living in under 1200 sq. ft! We’d love to entertain over the holidays and are simply not comfortable doing so until we purge and clean! The children have worked hard to keep things going while I was pregnant, worked and healed from having Sir Eats Alot, but I am well now and raring to go! Let’s see how much Sir Eats Alot cooperates. Ongoing, ongoing, ongoing…..

~ We are also revising Tuesday’s column to include health posts, so it will be Health & Garden Tuesday. I know we all desire to remain healthy during the winter season, so we hope to share what we are learning about building up our immune system and preventive ideas as well. Have some extra things to share that others have learned or are learning in this column as well. I just have to get the posts written up.

Hope you all are staying motivated as we head into winter. I’d love to hear some of your ideas for staying on top of things and keeping your motivation running so you remain an effective mommy/parent/friend/sister/daughter etc.

This week’s Motivation:

~ Cleaning and purging. Cleaning Walls and hoping to start painting! But I fully realize that my aspirations are much greater than I could ever humanly accomplish with this large family of mine. So by God’s grace, I will get done what I am meant to get done.

~ Swimming.

~ Field trip to Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry.

~ Lunch with Friends.

~ Getting rid of a mouse critter in our garage! One of the girls spotted it this morning….eeeewwwwwwww!

~ Regular every day stuff – refereeing, teaching, training children to be the best they can be with God’s help.

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