Gardening Tuesday: Recalls

Have you ever wondered why there are so many, many recalls in food and drug products in this industry? Some of those reasons are that food is being produced wrong! We are putting drugs, homicides, and bacterias in our foods! Our ancestors would turn in their graves at the way food is produced now! It may taste good now but in the end it is bad for you! What are some ways to protect your family from these things here are some tips to help:

* Buy locally grown food as much as possible. Local Harvest has some wonderful resources on locally grown food and where to find it. Buying locally reduces the risk of getting food poisoning and sickness! Now by locally I don’t mean your local grocery store, no I mean your local organic farmers market.

* Don’t buy milk that has homicides and growth hormones.

* Buy farm raised grass fed beef don’t buy that disgusting store bought stuff! In the united states alone just in March 2010 their was a meat out break see this map here telling how many states got salmonella poisoning!

* Wash your fruits and vegetables with soap and hot water. Even salad I don’t want to gross you out but their was a news flash on contaminated salad.

* Always wash down counters, knives, and dishes that have come in contact with raw meat. This can spread salmonella poisoning, and E Coli.

* Know your ingredients. Read labels, ingredients such as GMS, High Fructose, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Corn Syrup, Asppertain, and Natural Flavors, all contain yucky and bad ingredients, GMS,  these as well as High Fructose Corn Syrup have been linked to mercury, and causes of Autism. You may have seen the commercials on TV for High Fructose Corn Syrup being the same as sugar but, that is not true! Read these articles here, here, and here.

The Corn Refiners Association decided to ‘show’ high-fructose corn syrup was as safe as sugar. It’s no different than the Tobacco industry telling us nicotine isn’t addictive.  What they didn’t tell you is it’s banned in places like Canada and Europe. You can even buy sodas in Mexico without it in since they don’t have American lobbyists writing their laws.

If you can’t see that they are using the same tactics as the Tobacco Industry used in the past you are completely blind. Taken from TrueChristianDOTcom’s Youtube Channel.”

* Some people claim that soy is good for you but that is not true! Did you know that Soybeans are one of the most heavily sprayed pesticides in the United States and Canada alone? Don’t buy soy products unless they have been organically grown and sprayed with no pesticides.

* Know your facts watch movies like The World According To Monsanto, Food Inc, and The Future Of Food. Read books on healthy living and eating. And most importantly you don’t have to be vegan to eat healthy!

Egg Stand

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