Thrifty Thursday: Tips To Save At Starbucks!

Since alot of us love Starbucks we thought that you might like some tips to save money at Starbucks. And since Starbucks is SO expensive these days maybe some of these tips will help you save some money.

Get a free Starbucks card that earns you free drink customization, free coffee and tea refills, and a free drink on your birthday.

Keep your old Starbucks cups and bring it back anytime and get $.50 refills.

If you bring your own reusable cup Starbucks will nick 10 cents off the price in recognition of your eco-consciousness. And as regulars learned long ago if you order a tall drink and bring a very big reusable cup, you get some extra beverage for free. Cool eh?

You can get up to two hours of WIFI free at starbucks to check you e-mail, surf the internet, and work online.

Here are three other things that Starbucks doesn’t want you to know that can help you save money:

Cheap Latte’s- If you like iced latte’s but you don’t want to spend $3.00 on one you can your espresso over ice in a big cup then you can walk right over to the condiment bar and use the whole milk, half and half, and nonfat. You can save money, and it’s WAY cheaper. And plus you won’t get into trouble with Starbucks.

Be Careful What You Eat- So, the coffee is brewed fresh but what about all the pastries? Well a Starbucks worker tells us “The food gets delivered to us every morning, frozen from the factory the seasonal pastries are really good — pumpkin cream cheese muffins at Halloween and peppermint brownies at Christmas.” But, the bananas and bagels are cheaper at other vendors and they taste better. Some vendors set up their stands by Starbucks so look for fruit and bagels there.

If you follow these four rules and you won’t get in trouble for using the wifi for longer than 2 hours.

Go to the same Starbucks and tip the baristas well.

Get more coffee every couple hours. (You can get it free or you can get a $.50 refill but still leave a good tip)

Don’t take business calls in the restaurant.

Don’t take the best chairs and tables.

Have a great Thursday, now go and get a latte and enjoy some free wifi!

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