Movie Review Monday: The Widows Might and The Lost and Found Family

We watched the Widows Might and The Lost and Found Family. I would give them both 8 out of 10 stars.

The Widows Might was about 3 young men who are filmmakers and their friend who is a widow, who is losing her house due to unfair taxes. The boys set about to help her along with their friends and family. They end up making a great western movie, battling untruthful but hurtful news reports about them, helping a friend with his election campaign and still helping the widow! A really great film!

Here are some other reviews of it here.

The Lost and Found Family is about a family with 5 foster children, who are renting a home from a once wealthy widow. She comes to visit the house and is going to sell it to have some money but after she meets the family, she starts to think of ways to help them. The 2 older children hid some drugs in the house but that was resolved. There was no bad language and really no questionable clothing except that the widow could have worn a more modest dress and the girl could have dressed more like a girl than a punk! But I guess that that was just her character! All in all, it was a great movie!I hope that you and your family will check out these great movies!

You may buy both movies at most movie stores.

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