Gardening Tuesday: 10 Foods to Buy Organically and 10 Foods You Don’t Have To

10 Foods To Buy Organically:

10. Meat- Meat is often contaminated and will sometimes even contain E-Coli. Grass fed organic meat is best.

9. Dairy Products- Organic milk is better than “other” milk as organic milk does not have growth hormones or Bactria in it. Remember, too, to look for organics in products made from milk such as yogurt, ice cream, butter and cheese.

8. Eggs- Look up salmonella and E-Coli poisoning in eggs in recent years. Enough said.

7. Coffe- Harmful chemicals are often in your morning coffee so buy organic when ever possible.

6. Peaches- (and other fruit) Even washing and peelin­g couldn’t remove all the pesticides from a nonorganic peach. Apples and nectarines rank high on the scale of pesticide-laden foods. Strawberries absorb a lot of poison through their thin skins. You can’t peel a strawberry, either. The same goes for cherries. Grapes and raisins are under this category, as well. Check your fruit juice cartons as well, as many fruit juices contain grape juice, so look for the organic label there, too, especially if the juice is for kids.

5. Potatoes- These yummy vegetables are sprayed with chemicals so get a bag from Whole Foods instead!

4. Peppers- ( and other yummy veggies too) Peppers are sprayed with horrible chemicals on the growing fields and even all the washing in the world won’t take off the pesticides. Some other veggies that show a high level of pesticide residue are celery, green beans and tomatoes. Cherry and grape tomatoes are small and difficult to wash. Celery has no protective skin so it’s another candidate for organic purchase. Carrots and cauliflower also contain pesticides.

3. Leafy Greens- I can’t even begin to count how many articles I have read on salad food poisoning outbreaks! I suggest growing your own or shopping for them at Whole Foods or local organic farmers market.

2. Baby Food- Baby Food contains high amounts of chemicals so beware moms and dads! Little Tommy might just get a mouthful of chemicals for breakfast instead of bananas and rice. Since babies have such susceptible immune systems it is important to buy organic for baby whenever possible.

1. Anything you eat alot of- Your favorite candy is probably not organic and if you eat alot of it, your body will start to feel the effects of not eating that organically.

10 Foods You Don’t Have To Buy Organically:

You don’t have to spend extra for organic with these following foods. They don’t absorb much pesticide or are peeled before eating.


Whole Foods, Trader Joes, and your local Organic Farmers Markets are great places to buy organically! Or, why not grow your own food?

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