Product Review: Natural Vines Licorice

I received the following product in exchange for writing a review, while I consider it a privilege to receive free product to review this is my honest opinion and thoughts of the product.

natural vines licorice

We had the privilege of receiving two packages of Natural Vines Licorice in the mail yesterday. Yummy!

Natural Vines (TM) brand licorice is a new line of premium gourmet licorice. It is made with only natural flavors and colors from natural sources. It is sweetened with molasses (the black licorice) and pure cane sugar. Natural Vines contains no trans or saturated fats, no high fructose corn syrup or preservatives, zero cholesterol and are very low in sodium. Natural vines is also a soft, chewy licorice.

My entire family really liked the red licorice, which is strawberry flavored. That was our favorite of the two. Although the black licorice left something to be desired, but hey, I’d eat the nine pieces to get 15% of my daily recommended iron! The licorice is very soft and chewy. Not at all tough to chew.

Personally, I  found that the red licorice left a funny after-taste that I cannot quite describe, but none of the children mentioned experiencing it. It wasn’t necessarily bad, but it wasn’t good either. What a contradiction, I know, but I still ate the licorice and liked it. I just wish I knew why it did that to me because it wasn’t anything I ate before the licorice because both times I had some I had not eaten since the last meal.  Only our 6 year old and our 2 year old liked the black licorice.

Natural Vines comes in a convenient 8 oz. resealable bag. Which is nice since you don’t need twist ties or resealable bags to restore them. This licorice is such a new product that it just became available in stores this month. Check the retailers page of Natural Vines Licorice to find a store near you carrying this all natural treat.

We love it that more companies are offering all natural snacks like Natural Vines. We love to buy all natural products and we recommend Natural Vines as a tasty, all natural snack/treat.

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