Product Review: Alabu Soap

I received the following product in exchange for writing a review. While I consider it a privilege to receive free products to review, my review is my honest opinion and thoughts of the product.

The owners just wrote and told me that they have a coupon code for you all! Here it is!

It’s good for 15% off any order of $10 or more (can only be used once per customer) at The coupon code is below: COUPON-VGHOOD-15

I recently received some product from Alabu Natural Goat Milk Soap and liked it alot! The product that I received was:


Organic All Natural Shea Body Butter: This body butter was very nice to use as it helped take away some of my eczema on my arm. I really liked that it is all natural and comes in 2 kinds of ‘scents’ the product that type that I received is the Original with jojoba oil. The other scent is: Tea Tree. It is defiantly really nice for dry skin when you don’t have any hand-cream on hand or after a shower! It is priced at: $4.90 for Original but the Tea Tree is priced at $6.90. Very reasonable for all natural shea body butter.

Mint Lip Balm

Organic All Natural Lip Balm: The lip balm comes in 3 different flavors so to speak and I received mint. I liked the scent and “flavor” it helps chapped lips but, I didn’t find that it made any drastic changes for my lips. But I thought that it was a nice lip balm. The scents are: Mint, Tea Tree, Vanilla, and Natural. They are all priced at $3.50

Neem Essential Oil Goat Soap

Organic All Natural Neem Essential Oil Soap: Neem oil contributes conditioning properties and a wonderful lather to this soap, making it a good choice for dry and problem skin. The neem oil is not added for the great scent (it actually smells terrible, and they add lavender essential oil to help tone down the scent). It’s in the soap because it’s great for your skin. So I just wanted you to be informed: don’t judge it for it’s smell! I didn’t really smell anything that bad, it smelled like lavender to me. I found it a very nice soap and it made my skin VERY soft! It must be the goat soap that does that! It is priced at: $6.30.

Baby Me Soap

Organic All Natural Baby Me Ultra-Moisturizing cleansing Bar:I really liked this soap and it is all the name says it is! :) It too makes my skin feel soft and silky! It smells nice and I think it was my favorite of the two soap. Extra special handmade soap for anyone with extra sensitive skin. I found it lathered nicely and was a great bath bar! It made my hands very soft after working in the garden all day. It is reasonably priced at: $5.15

All in all I would highly recommend Alabu products. Here is a little bit about Alabu:

A Brief History:

After making goat milk soap for a home-school chemistry project, we quickly realized how drying and harsh commercial soap was to our skin. We found that handmade natural soap (made with the “cold process” soap method) retains the naturally occurring glycerin that is very beneficial to your skin. Family and friends told us how our soap was a great skin care product, and how it did not leave their skin feeling dry and itchy like commercial soap did and helped with their eczema treatment. That is when Alabu Soap was born. Now we have retail and wholesale soap customers world wide.” (My note, the Alabu company was founded by a Christian Home-Schooling family.)

Happy Shopping!

~Miss RJ

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