Wordless Wednesday – Cute But Unwanted Farm Visitor

MayJune 2010 059

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  1. Tammy says:

    Oh my goodness, he is cute, but being a city girl, seeing that mask up close would freak me out!

  2. when I was pregnant with my daughter, I was woken up and I looked outside and we have 6 baby racoons running through my backyard. I had nightmares for weeks about raccoons.

  3. Kathleen B says:

    So super cite, but yeah I would not want him at my front door. We live in the country too and I am always worried one will run up and bite me in the dark.

  4. Lucy says:

    They are so cute. Too bad they can be so nasty.

  5. Shasta says:

    Cute, but I would have been afraid!

  6. Sara says:

    That is too cute :)

  7. Mandi says:

    What awesome looking eyes! Beautiful creature.

  8. It is cute how it’s just laying there, but yes definitely unwanted! Hope it wasn’t too hard to get rid of.

  9. Lynsey Jones says:

    LOL, we used to get these all the time at my house that backed into the woods. They are destructive little cuties!

  10. Cute. But those suckers are vicious!

  11. awww yes he is…so sweet but I hear they can be vicious

  12. I love them! I would love to see one up closer!

  13. TerriAnn says:

    I know they are destructive and dangerous but don’t you just want to pet their little furry heads?!

  14. Kimberly says:

    He/She is cute but they can also be very nasty and vicious. It’s a cute visitor, let’s just hope he/she doesn’t take up residency near your home.

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