Glittery Shoe Art

Don’t children do the darndest things? Some of those things are pretty creative. Take the “shoe art” from our Wordless Wednesday photo. Our daughter thought her army green tennis shoes (keds, sneakers, whatever word you use to describe this kind of shoe) looked too boyish, so she took some glitter glue and applied some shoe art and voila! She now has girlish looking shoes. The shoes were given to us and were not a good pair of shoes, so when some of the children came to me to “tell” they did not get the reaction they were expecting. Quite frankly, I thought she was ingenius and was proud of her ability to create the kind of shoe she desired without grumbling about wanting another pair of shoes.

Now, if they had of been a new pair of church shoes or something, I might have had a negative reaction. But her glittery shoes are very attractive on a young girl’s feet.

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