The Guys and Spring

Just wanted to update you on our Wordless Wednesday. This was one of the days we made it to the park last week. The guys were enthralled with the pee wee baseball practice going on behind the playground. They should have just turned around in their swings and they could have been swinging while watching the other boys and their dads/coaches practice!

A cute thing happened this week when our two-year-old came up the stairs with a milk crate of clean cloth diapers, without being told! We wouldn’t ask such a little tike to do a job like that anyways. His big brother helped with the last step but other than that we had no idea he was dragging up the crate. He barely made a sound while doing it. Then once he had it in our room, he proceeded to start folding diapers! How’s that for training? Just by watching others do it he figured he could too! Truly a precious boy.

This week has been cold, wet and rainy. We had to cancel our appt. to see the farmland and will reschedule on a nice day next week.

Yesterday, I had my first midwife appointment. I am 20 weeks and 2-4 days. Baby wouldn’t stay put for very long when the doppler was used, but at least we did get to hear his or her heartbeat. My blood pressure was good, but my iron is down a bit. That was odd for me, mine is usually higher, so I am going to try and up my iron intake. Technically at 28-32weeks it is suppose to have a healthy, expected drop, but we don’t want mine to drop we want it to remain the same.

Tomorrow Milwaukee Zoo is having a free day if anyone is near that city and interested!

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