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What is it about organization this week? I received an email announcing an organizing event/seminar in our area and then this morning in a completely different email and inbox I receive information about Les Mess. I know I desire less mess and by the response that I received from the organization webinar, thought I would pass along this tool as well. We’ve tried many things with our children and this made me wonder if this would work. What do you all think?


Les Mess, organizing cards for kids (ages 5-12), will help get their room and your house organized and clutter-free.
Shuffle the cards, pick one and do what is on the card. Each card has a time limit on it. If you finish in time you get a prize (Mom and Dad do this part), and there are cards with ideas of great prizes. These prizes do not bring more clutter into the house.

These organizing cards teach children to put things away, what to keep and what to toss. They will learn through getting organized, how to sort and will create a habit of picking up every day. After all, isn’t teaching our kids how to be organized and clutter-free a part of being a parent…and sometimes learning should be fun too! It’s NOT just a game, it’s a way of life.

Les Mess cards may be purchased at http://www.lesismore.net/ for $19.95. They have other products available too, but this interested me the most.

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