What a great product.  My son is 6 months and had a real hard time transitioning from being swaddled.  He liked to be swaddled very tightly with his arms at his side.  I would have to double swaddle him for him to be comfortable enough.  Once he started rolling, though, the swaddle became an issue.  He would roll from his back to his tummy and then get stuck and cry in the middle of the night.  He also used a pacifier, so it would fall out in the middle of the night and he would try to wiggle to find it.  I would have to go in every hour to either give him his pacifier back or swaddle him again.  Upon receiving the Zipadee-Zip I was a little skeptical.  I decided to take my son’s pacifier away and try the Zipadee-Zip.  The first couple of nights he cried, but after that he learned to sleep without the pacifier and was very content in the Zipadee-Zip.  He can now roll over onto his tummy and roll back onto his back with this.  He’s able to move around, but still feel contained and swaddled.  It really is a great transition swaddle when they are starting to roll and wiggle.  I like that the material is lightweight.  I put a onesie or sleeper on him under this, depending upon the weather.  It has a nice zipper down the front, so it is easy to do diaper changes.  The Zipadee-Zip comes in a variety of sizes and styles.  They have excellent customer service.  I will definitely be telling my other mom friends about the Zipadee-Zip.


For a $5.00 coupon check out their website:

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