Visit from the Fairy Hobmother

You know since becoming an adult I’ve never put much stock in fairies and the like…until recently when I received a visit from the Fairy Hobmother. Yes, you read that correctly the Fairy Hobmother. Who or what is the Fairy Hobmother you ask? Let me tell you…

Fairy Hobmother

The Fairy Hobmother is what I consider a blog fairy who flits from blog to blog sprinkling good will, encouraging words and timely gifts to bloggers he (yes the Fairy Hobmother is a HE) deems works hard and deserves a little reward, extra joy and happiness.

All the Fairy Hobmother asks in return is a little mention of him, Appliances Online, which has mega deals, tumble dryers and so much more for your appliance needs. He also says other bloggers may also receive some of his fairy dust if they comment on my post. Hint, hint bloggers!

So now do you believe in fairies? I am officially a believer. Thank you Fairy Hobmother for your generosity and mission of spreading good cheer throughout blogosphere and among bloggers!

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  1. Maryann says:

    Oh, I so could use a visit, but I think my friend Sheila from Sheila Cakes and my friend Megan from the neat blog could use it more than me. So if the Fairy Hobmother is giving out gifts, could you please visit my friends!

  2. Squeezes eyes shut really, really, tight. “I believe, I believe, I believe!!!”

  3. After the amazing year I had last year, I DEFINITELY believe in fairies! Glad HE came to visit you and would be thrilled if he visited me :D

  4. of course i believe in faeries…couldnt get thru life if i didnt believe in their magic…i am trying to get my blog running again, trying to get more companies interested and sending me products to review and blog about…i was in the hospital four times last year, twice in two weeks in december so i have fallen behind but i want to get up to speed again since everyone seems to love reading my blog posts and i get loads of comments, i would love to give businesses some free advertising where i see fit if they have good quality products, etc….

  5. Carrie says:

    I feel like I should know more about this Fairy Hobmother. I’m intrigued!

  6. HilLesha says:

    I love fairies!

  7. OOH Lucky you! Hope they visit me soon!

  8. Dee says:

    I not only believe in fairies but I also believe in Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny and The Great Pumpkin. That’s what keeps me so young at heart, also the longer you believe in Santa the better the gifts you receive at Christmas.

  9. Courtney says:

    What a sweet fairy! :)

  10. Congrats on your visit from the Fairy Hobmother! I have it on good authority that the Fairy Hobmother might resemble a certain skeleton-ish Disney character…which makes me love them all the more!

  11. Woohoo. Congrats. What a lovely surprise.

  12. Kathleen says:

    Yay! I love it when the fairy hobmother comes to visit.

  13. I believe in faeries and I hope the Fairy Hobmother comes for a vist.

  14. Mom Foodie says:

    It can’t be an easy life, as a gender confused fairy.

  15. Gender confused fairy, now that’s a first! Never quite thought of him that way….wonder what he’ll think?! ;)

  16. Sheri says:

    I’m glad you got a visit!

  17. Leilani says:

    I’ve never heard of the Fairy Hobmother before, but I hope he comes to visit me soon! :)

  18. Stefani says:

    Waving hello to The Fairy Hobmother.

  19. Lolo says:

    I do, but he has yet to come and visit me!

  20. You’re so lucky! I’ve been hearing about the Fairy Hobmother for awhile now, and I’m waiting patiently for a visit. Maybe one day!

  21. Bobbie says:

    I’ve been hearing about this Fairy Hobmother and would love it if he paid me a visit. ;)

  22. Jennifer says:

    I just got a visit from him too!! How fun

  23. Congratulations, Jennifer! It IS fun!

  24. Woohoo, Jennifer from DDM got a visit too. I’m happy for you both!

  25. This is the third one I have seen today!

  26. how wonderful for you. The fairy hobmother is real I do believe I do believe in Fairy’s

  27. Donna says:

    I most definitely believe, because I’ve had a visit before. I’m glad you got a visit!

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