Informative Infographic on Debt Relief

The US economy is still not at a good place and I know many are struggling with debt. That’s why I wanted to share informative infographic on debt relief…

Debt Consolidation Management

This infographic shows the drastic change that occurs when divorce or health problems take a toll on a mom’s finances. The death of a spouse can also affect a woman’s income. I know a few years ago I heard a statistic that many women who lose their spouses to death ended up in poverty. At that time, there were 7 widows in our family – combined on either side, many of whom were struggling financially. It’s sad.

Unemployment is another factor to consider. As most of you know, my husband’s unemployment in 2008-2009 and reduced pay once he did go back to work has affected our finances.

How about you have you had a major change in your life that has upset your finances? And what do you think of this infographic on debt relief?

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  1. I remember trying to climb out of debt after a divorce. It doesn’t happen overnight, but you just keep working at it.

  2. I know debt all too well, once you get in it’s so hard to get out but I am almost there :)

  3. Courtney says:

    Thankfully we consolidated hubby’s debt and we’ve been paying it off. Only 3 more years to go, but now we aren’t paying just the fees!

  4. Stefani says:

    I have slowly been paying off that unwanted debt.

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