What’s a Butt Bench?

The Butt Bench

The Butt Bench is an innovative bench to go in your tub to provide a place to sit, rest your foot on while you shave your legs or to hold all your personal care products while you shower or bathe. In their words, the all in one bath tub seat.

View a video here: VID00052

My Butt Bench Review

I have to tell you the name alone makes me smile! A Butt Bench is exactly that and more. I thought it would be a great addition to our girls’ bathroom, however, we must have measured something wrong as the first time we went to use it water got every where. :( Kind of disappointing. I am going to see if it will fit better in my mother-in-law’s bathtub, but not sure if she will go for it. If not, I will get my husband to ask his brother and sister-in-law to see if they would like it.

I love the cedar wood and look of the bench. It may just be a perfect Mother’s Day gift for yourself or your mom! It is kind of pricey, but for a gift item not too bad at $52-56. For more information, please visit www.ButtBench.com

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  1. Kathleen says:

    You know, normally I would laugh, but being almost 7 months pregnant right now, I could totally use a butt bench.

  2. Funny name! Great idea!

  3. Lolo says:

    Sounds great to use when you are shaving your legs.

  4. Courtney says:

    I can definitely use this being preggo!

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