Compost – Wordless Wednesday

I know, this is disgusting. Our boys are in charge of taking the compost or kitchen scraps out and one day during the winter this is how we found it. We need to add more brown to our compost pile. Sad state of affairs. That’s why I am considering recruiting some worms to do the work or at least help. Just call me a worm farmer now. ;-) Not really.

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  1. Dawn C says:

    That is funny that they threw the egg container and boxes in there too! lol
    I would add worms. If you fish you will have a place to find them instead of buying them.

  2. Leave it to kids to do a less than perfect job!

  3. Marcie W. says:

    My inlaws have a very similar compost heap growing in their backyard. I didn’t know you could add boxes… or can you? (Sorry, I’m a city girl)

  4. Yeah well, we weren’t exactly telling them how to turn the compost pile or anything. Their job is just to dump the stuff, just not all the extra! ;-)

  5. Unfortunately we don’t fish mainly because we don’t eat fish, that doesn’t mean our boys won’t want to in the future though. My dad use to throw small fish back in when I was a kid, so I guess we could do it for sport….

  6. Mom Foodie says:

    I’m thinking about getting worms soon too.

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