Simple Kids Craft: Thrifty Thursday

Last weekend when I had the three younger ones, I did an inexpensive craft with them. It is just a simple kids craft that they loved. My daughter had these little foam-like stickers that she wanted to use. I thought they required glue, which is the whole reason why I thought of doing this craft to begin with.

Inexpensive Materials

Left over fabric pieces from sewing, from rags or simply use construction paper.
White Glue
Optional foam stickers
Optional Felt pieces (at least 1 per child)

Simple Kids Craft

I cut out two pieces of white flannel material. I chose flannel because it is a little stiffer. I cut it into a rectangle and gave each child their own piece.

Then I proceeded to go through our fabric scraps and cutting different shapes and sizes. Since we had brown fabric and a green fabric I did direct the children to make a tree, but that is the only influence I had over them. I allowed them to choose their fabric pieces to make their “collage”. They glued all their scrap pieces onto the flannel material.

Voila, they created their own fabric collage! They had fun doing this activity and I am going to remember it so we can do it again. As a matter of fact they took it upon themselves the other night to do it again…thankfully there was not too much mess. Could have been a lot worse!

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  1. Rachel says:

    Ooooo – – my daughter would LOVE this. She is always asking to “make something.” And goodness knows I have lots of scrap fabric lying around! Thanks. :)

  2. That is so cute! You could turn them into pillows if you wanted!

  3. That is an interesting idea, but they wouldn’t be washable because I think all the little pieces of fabric would just wash off.

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