Weekend Poll

I am seriously considering redesigning the look of Faith and Family Reviews (FFR) and would like to get a feel for what you think of when you come to visit. So in lieu of that I would like to conduct a weekend poll or week long poll (I will continue receiving feedback until I find hear from enough readers). Therefore, would you humor me and give me a word, phrase or sentence for what you think of when you come to visit FFR? I need inspiration if I am going to approach a graphic designer and ask for a new theme because to be honest, I am drawing a blank. Yeah, I know I should know what I am all about but if I don’t get your feedback how will I know what draws you here? I have been told that this WordPress theme is pretty popular and that my sidebar needs centering, those are the things I am starting with, thus the request for feedback. I thought if I knew what you thought of when you visited, then I could possibly come up with an image or two or three that I could create a theme from your input, make sense?

Or if you are a blogger, maybe you can share your experience in changing the look of your blog.

Let your comments/sharing roll…..and please don’t let this post be silent in the comment section! (hint hint!)

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