Beware of Entrecard

Ok, some of you seasoned bloggers will probably think me naive for using Entrecard, but I did use them for over a year. Not that I noticed any traffic increase, but I kept my end of the bargain in keeping their button on my side bar – here and at my professional website. However, last night while my daughter was working on a little project for me she came across the Entrecard button on my professional site and let’s just say the image on it was not appropriate for a business site. I was appalled and sickened not only that my daughter was the one to find it, but that it was even on my website!? Needless to say, I wanted to warn all new bloggers (and old) not to use Entrecard if you are at all family-friendly. Why take that risk? If I had known, I would never have signed up. Plain and simple.

Entrecard heard from me this morning and I have now deleted both banners from off my sites. I will not be using them again, I don’t care how many point thingys I have accumulated. It is just not worth it.

Lesson learned: Nothing is ever really free, it comes with a price. In this instance it was my reputation. :-( It still sickens me to think about it. What WERE they thinking? And just how many potential clients came across it? And how long was the filth even rotating on the ad? Did I miss something when I read through their terms and conditions? Beating myself up just a little…..

Bloggers beware of Entrecard.

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  1. Kelly says:

    I’ve never heard of this before – thanks for posting this!

  2. Yeah, they are a waste of time. Sorry you got a nasty ad, yuk.

  3. Gina says:

    I keep meaning to delete it off my site and I keep pushing it off, thanks for the reminder! It’s useless to me…

  4. I haven’t had any problems with them and when I use my credits for higher traffic sites, I do notice an increase in traffic.

  5. Well, that is a good thing. Sometimes I wonder how things work in cyber world because I rarely get “trashy”, spammy comments here, but at my professional site which I go in spurts as far as when I update it and how that all relates/affects sites. You know?

  6. LeeAnn says:

    I see Entrecard on blogs and keep meaning to look into it. I guess I can scratch that off my list now. Thanks for the warning!

  7. Hmmm.. what is it that was being displayed?? I have never noticed anything bad on mine. I hope I am not missing something…

  8. Dee says:

    I had entrecard for a while then they changed their terms. Something to the effect, if you don’t have any ads approved they can put one up. I wasn’t to active anymore and didn’t approve many ads when suddenly the ads I saw weren’t for sites I’d go to. Let’s just say Entrecard and I are no longer together though I still get requests for ad placements all the time.

  9. A very scantily clad woman. Let’s just say a “thong” view. :-(

  10. I think I must have missed the change of terms or something???? Whatever it was, I did not like the change.

  11. Sorry to hear that you did not have a good experience, at least by the sounds of it.

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