Bus Driver Yanks Kids

Thanks to Stiletto’s to Strollers for sharing this disturbing video. What would you do if this was your child and his/her bus driver?


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  1. Professor says:

    This is so interesting … I also notice that there is not aide on the bus to help this bus driver. He looks very stressed. Not that I condone the behavior at all… just that I know that in our district that each bus for the younger children has a driver and an aide to assist the bus driver. This I believe is imperative as while watching the video I also noticed that the driver continually took his eyes off the road while reprimanding the girl. VERY dangerous! An aide can be an asset in controlling unruly students…although I suppose it could also open up for more abuse if the aide acts as the bus driver…

  2. I am not condoning the bus driver’s actions either and agree that the bus driver looks stressed. Yet as hard as it is to see their faces the girls, in the seat with the girl who got yanked, look a bit fearful.

    It is nice that there are aides now to help bus drivers. Yet at the same time, what does that say for today’s kids? Years ago there really was no need of an aide, at least when I was growing up. All our bus drivers had to do was say the word and most kids acting up, smartened up very quickly. I think there is a different level of respect today than there use to be.

  3. Magen says:

    I completely agree about the respect level of children. Although I think the bus driver could have handled the situation differently, especially not yelling at them while driving…I think that is dangerous (when he was looking back at them).

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