Review ~ Bumbo seat and play tray

Faith and Family Reviews received the following product in exchange for writing a review. While we consider it a privilege to receive free products to review, our reviews are our honest opinion and thoughts of the product.

Bumbo Baby Seat

The “Bumbo” seat is an innovative product. It allows babies (3-14 months) to sit alone without the assistance of a parent or caregiver. The seat supports babies who do not have “trunk” control to sit upright on their own. This factor is quite a selling point as the child can sit upright and “mom” can have a free hand. The seat also comes with a convenient play tray, which snaps onto the front of the seat. This allows children a place to play with toys or can even act as a feeding chair. In our family we are quite torn on the seats usefulness. I am a mom of three and I had this seat for my youngest and found that even though my child sat in the seat she would rather be on the floor moving around than confined in a seat. However, my sister and sister in law (new moms of only one) also have this product and swear by the seat. They like the idea that the child can sit by itself and even play with toys alone. Giving them free time that would normally be used to hold the baby. Personally, I found it most useful for children that are not mobile yet. My children were mobile very early crawling between 4-6 months and walking at 8 months so this item was short lived in my house …but for those mothers whose children are not yet moving and need the extra support this can be a great asset. With all of that said the allotted age group is between 3 and 14 months…I personally cannot see use beyond the 6-month stage unless used as a feeding chair.

Overall, the product is aesthetically pleasing and is made out of a spongy material that is safe for anyone who comes in contact with the product. The seat comes in a variety of colors including lilac, pink, lime, blue and aqua. The play tray comes in a pleasing white. The variety of colors will please any mom or caregiver!

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