Rescue My Appliances Contest

Ok, this is truly going to be humbling. Brandfluential told us about the KitchenAid “Rescue My Appliances” contest and we are in the process of trying to tidy up our kitchen so we can take a picture of our discrepit, in need of an over-haul, been-waiting-two-years-to-be-remodeled kitchen. Our fridge is about 7 years old and is still in decent shape, but has a door shelf that is broken and useless. Our stove is only about 3 years old, but the handle is broken and the door is falling apart, the overhead fan is the original so its 17 years old and a friend just found our dishwasher on freecycle, which we will be testing tonight to see if it works since my husband just brought it home last night. We don’t have a microwave but I’d love a space saver if it would fit over our stove. There you have it and here is our kitchen…..

Drum roll please…..

We would love to have your support and ask that you vote for us to win brand new Kitchen Aid appliances in the “Rescue My Appliances” contest! I am still waiting for an “approval” link so I will update it here and send our a tweet and add it to Facebook once I have it.


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