Thrifty Thursday: Cutting Back On Food

In this economic time many people are trying to find ways to cut back on spending, one way to do so is to cut back on how much food you buy and by the way you cook.

For example if a recipe for mac and cheese calls for two cups of cheese for the cheese sauce you could use one and it will still work out. And you can cut butter in half when baking and use half butter and half apple sauce. Usually sugar can be cut back by half as well, after all we don’t need all that sugar anyway. Here’s a list of great tips:

~ You can cut butter in half when baking and use half butter and half apple sauce.
~ Cut back on cheese, use half.
~ Instead of serving meat every night use beans – they are high in protein, taste yummy and can be used in a variety of ways!
~ Instead of serving junk food for snacks buy fruit and veggies in bulk and serve those. It will also save on doctor visits in the future because you and your family will be healthier.
~ Bake your own baked goods instead of buying them. That will often cut the cost down by 75%!
~ Cook your own meals instead of buying them or eating out.
~ Eat out less.
~ Buy locally.
~ Use coupons.
~ Don’t shop when you are hungry.

Happy Shopping and Cooking! Come back next Thursday for more Thrifty Thursday ideas! In the meantime check out our great giveaways! Win a clutch:

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  1. Thank you for sharing these tips on saving money on food. I haven’t tried some of those you mentioned yet, but I definitely agree with the last tip. Don’t shop when you’re hungry. BTW, congratulations for being one of the winners in Letters to God giveaway in I’m one othem too. Just so you know how I got here in your blog. Are you interested in exchanging links? Just let me know if you’re ready. Hope you’ll join my giveaways too.

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