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Faith and Family Reviews received the following product in exchange for writing a review. While we consider it a privilege to receive free products to review, our reviews are our honest opinion and thoughts of the product.

As moms and as parents we often find it hard to talk to our children about tough subjects or personal topics, right? Yet it is part of our job as parents. Growing up I think I leaned more on my friends for information than I did on my parents, just because I was always with my friends. That all changed upon becoming a parent because I began to seek out my mom on different things. So topics like puberty and sex, although not easy to discuss have taken on a more comfortable to talk about because we have tried to answer questions our children have had as they come up and have allowed to be a normal progression in our conversations.

Young girls and boys should be prepared for what puberty will bring to their lives. I do not know of many products geared towards being tools to prepare boys for puberty, I think I know of more for girls. Dot Girl’s First Period Kit is one of them. This kit was created by two moms for their daughters, so that they would be prepared with everything a girl needs for her first period. Not only prepared, but confident for this next step in life’s journey.

Dot Girl creators say,

At Dot Girl we believe that informed girls grow to be empowered women. Our goal is to lessen anxiety for girls about their first period and instead turn it into a positive experience.

This stylish carrying case enables young girls to discreetly store information and supplies at home, on the road, in their backpacks or anywhere so they always feel prepared.

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The First Period Kit includes: Period Answer Book, 5 feminine pads, 5 disposable bags, 1 reusable heating pad and 2 hand wipes.

My girls and I really liked this product and thought this kit was very useful. The answer book was well written, discreet (meaning it doesn’t go into other facts of life) and easy to understand for girls starting their periods younger than the norm. It even contained one fact that I did not know or remember. Basically it answers the most common questions about a girl’s first period. We may talk about these things in our home, but this little booklet will be a tool our girls can go back and re-read if they are not sure about something.

The actual kit is a pink circular bag that is made out of material that a make up bag is made of, so it is well-made and should last a girl through her teen years. It has a zipper closure and holds everything needed. It is small enough to fit into a girl’s purse or backpack. My girls thought it was a neat idea.

Thank you, Dot Girl, for the opportunity to review your First Period Kit. We give this a definite thumbs up!

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