Thrifty Thursday- Local Beaches


We recently found a local beach in our small town five minutes from us! And best of all it’s free! The beach is only a couple years old. Normally the beaches in our area were to disgusting and dirty for my liking. And the other beach right across from us required us to pay. So we were excited when we visited it that it was clean excepting some geese that left their mark on the grass and path. (shudder) It’s really nice as the area that is designated for swimming is under 5 ft. So all of my children are relatively safe. (excepting the younger two) They have set up a nice picnic area and a pavilion, with a men’s and woman’s bathroom. The pavilion is air conditioned and complete with a indoor rest area, and men and woman’s showers. I thought that I would show you some pictures from our fun day! We will defiantly be going back. My children would LOVE to go every day. ;)

Family Pictures August 2010, Some from July, 2010 111

Family Pictures August 2010, Some from July, 2010 109

Family Pictures August 2010, Some from July, 2010 122

Family Pictures August 2010, Some from July, 2010 133

Although not all local beaches will be free it’s worth a shot to check them out!

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  1. CJ Mommie says:

    Wow, I didn’t know there were beaches you had to pay to visit. I live in Georgia and we rarely visit beaches, but when we have in the past they’ve always been free. I guess you learn something new everyday!

    PS: Great family photos! Everyone looks like they’re having a blast!

  2. Yeah, we had a local beach we joined one summer several years ago before this beach in the photo was made, but we didn’t use the membership as much as we expected so didn’t join again. Now that property has been sold to developers. :-( It’s so sad. To go just for the day/an hour/ a half hour, it cost $5.00 per car, I think, which we did once or twice. I believe we could leave and come back the same day though, if I remember correctly.

    We are hoping to get back to the beach before it closes on Labor Day.

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