Thrifty Thursdays: Some Frugal Living Tips


Here are just a few frugal living tips:

  • Save On Your Water Bill: Save your rainwater for your garden by using a rain-barrel (or use a plastic trash can). Use the collected water for plants, flowers, vegetables and washing your car or truck.
  • Shop at garage sales, Walmart, clearance racks, and thrift stores instead of department stores for clothing and household items. You can find some good buys at outlet stores too.
  • Shop for bread and bakery items at outlet stores to save money as well.
  • Make your own birthday cakes instead of buying store bought ones.
  • Get rid of carpet stains:  Using one part white vinegar to four parts hot water, pour the mixture on a carpet stain. Take several white paper towels folding them over each other and lay them over the area, then press with a hot iron. (You will want to work on small areas at a time — at least no bigger than your paper towels.) The vinegar and heat will lift the dye out of the carpet and into the paper towel. Your paper towels will turn the color of the dye you are lifting out so you can SEE it working. Keep pouring the cleaner on the areas and change your towels when soiled. Just keep this process up until your paper towels are no longer turning color. This method works for Kool Aid & other impossible to get rid of stains.
  • Dilute It: You can dilute your dish detergent and still get the same results. This is especially helpful if you have others helping you wash the dishes, and they aren’t as thrifty-minded as yourself.
  • Draw the shades or blinds to block the thermal heat of the sun through your windows. This will help keep you cooler, so you won’t need to use your fan or air conditioner, which will save you money on your electric bill.
  • Plant shrubs and trees so that they will shade your house during summer months. Doing this will help you to not use your fans and air conditioning as much, hence saving on your electric bill.

Have fun being frugal!

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