Book Review of How Lil’ Eddie Learns to Read

I received the following product in exchange for writing a review. While I consider it a privilege to receive free products to review, my review is my honest opinion and thoughts of the product.

If you have been reading this blog for any length of time you will already know that I do tend to do a lot of book reviews. We love reading and we love books, so it is really hard to pass over a book review, unless it is a topic we truly are not interested in. I believe reading is the key to all learning. After doing a little online research, I found that even though we live in a fully developed nation, our literacy rate leaves much to be desired. Some websites said 99%, 97% and one article even suggested that 14% of adults could be classified as illiterate because of their reading ability and comprehension levels. That should disturb us, really.

Most loving parents are involved in the education of their children. The author of How Lil’ Eddie Learns to Read, Rima H. Corral, is one of the first authors that I have come across that includes plenty of suggestions and ideas for how parents can actively participate in teaching our children how to read. I’ve taught three of mine to read already and have three more who are beginning to read, so what she told me really wasn’t new. I have attended many homeschooling conventions and have already researched how to best teach my children. However, Ms. Corral has provided an easy to use children’s book to help parents on their way to interact as a teacher/parent. All parents are teachers whether you consider yourself one or not. We are the first people to influence our children’s lives. They learn to eat, talk and walk from our involvement and daily interactions with them when they are little.

How Lil’ Eddie Learns to Read is a fun story of how a little boy turned three and from that point on his mother and family started to prepare him for school, especially in the area of reading, numbers and colors. Every parent of a preschooler can benefit from this book, especially those not sure how to go about teaching their child or preparing him for school. I’d highly recommend it as a resource and teaching tool.

My children and I have really enjoyed reading How Lil’ Eddie Learns to Read. To purchase this book, please visit any major book retailer’s website. Our hardcover copy retails for $18.95.

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