Interview with Author Tina Turbin

This interview was conducted before I received any of Mrs. Turbin’s Danny the Dragon products.

FF: I am looking forward to reviewing your products.

TT:Thank you for doing them!

FF: I just have a few questions about your upcoming DVD that is due to be released in March. Official street date is April 14th actually.

FF: Is the DVD an animation or does it have real actors?

TT: Neither, the DVD is the book read aloud by an actress and the DVD has sign interpretation for the deaf.
I am donating the money to the Blossom Montessori School for the deaf as well as for Literacy and Education.

FF: What ages is the DVD geared towards?

TT: 2- 9 years but I have attended many schools with it and the young teens sure love it!

FF: Is there a particular reason that you decided to make a DVD of Danny the Dragon?

TT: Kids love to watch things on TV and computers and I was also asked that I create one off of the book. I also wanted to make something for the deaf as well.

FF: Does the DVD deviate from the book? If so, how?

TT: Not at all. The exact story.

FF: You have included sign language in the DVD. Did you have a personal reason for doing that?

TT: I visited a school to do a reading of my Danny the Dragon book and the school works with kids from very young all through High School and they had a number of deaf students. Carol Downing did the sign while I read to these lovely children. These kids amazed me, the staff inspired me and I walked away from that day with a new view on many aspects, and so did my photographer who came with me for the reading.  I got in the car and my ideas starting rolling away on how I could help or do more. I first attended a fund raiser and donated to that and that was not enough. So now we have the DVD as well.

FF: And were actual deaf actors involved? ( please see above)

FF: How was that experience for everyone who participated in the making of the DVD?

TT: We all felt a deep sense of commitment doing it and truly enjoyed working on it. The end was an accomplishment well worth the time and the kids love watching it over and over.

FF: It is great when authors, celebrities and businesses support different causes in the work they are doing. You support the Celiac Foundation and now the deaf; what made you decide to choose these two organizations?

TT: CELIAC: I am passionate about raising awareness to Celiac Disease and the many adverse effects that gluten produces in many children and adult bodies- and even animals! One in every 120-130 people have this disease which means about 2.35-2.85 million Americans to this date have not yet been diagnosed. It takes an average of 4-10 years (depending on who you reference) to be properly diagnosed and in the meantime other auto-immune diseases can begin and a whole mess evolves. People find out about celiac or gluten intolerance and start researching it themselves and bring the topic up to their doctors, after many years of tests and troubles to no resolution. I was one of these people! Also, many kids with autism are taken off of gluten for a very good reason. Much more is on my resource site about these topics: DEAF: (Explained above)

FF: I think I have exhausted my question reservoir for the time being.  I appreciate the privilege to review your book and DVD, as well as the opportunity to interview you.

TT: I thank you VERY much and you can learn a bit more about me at this site:

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