Demographic Winter

We have all been exposed to the notion that the world is being overpopulated. Some of us may have even believed that or still do. However, there is a growing number of professionals, economists and professors in particular who are no longer believing that this propaganda is as newsworthy as new data comes to light. They have evidence that the world’s population is decreasing. “Demographic Winter is a documentary about the decline of the human family and how our children will carry the burden of the world.” (from the cover of the dvd) We have been waiting quite a while to watch this, probably since it first came out and I am so glad that we finally got to view it.

Demographic Winter

As nations have fewer and fewer children, the consequences won’t necessarily affect current generations, but the generations to come. The less children born, the more the world’s population becomes an aged population. This will result in less workers paying social security and taxes when the aged are retired and no longer working. What lasting affects will this bring to our children and their children and so on? That answer we will hopefully find in the sequel Demographic Bomb, which I will review on Tuesday, so stay tuned.

The problem is not just in depopulation, but the lasting economic repercussions that we should be aware of and fear the most, especially for our children and grandchildren’s sakes.

Quotes from the dvd:

“It’s happening in rich and poor countries…it’s happening throughout the Eastern and Western hemisphere, North and South…Birthrates are plummeting throughout the world.” ~ Philip Longman, Senior Fellow, New America Foundation: Author of The Empty Cradle

“Adam Smith said that economic prosperity comes from population growth, and depression…is associated with declining populations…this could lead to very serious consequences.” ~ Gary Becker, Nobel Prize for Economics, 1992

Demographic Winter is a SRB Documentary. For more information, please visit

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  1. Milan Marais says:

    In Germany, the problem of an ageing community is very visible to such an extent theat the Government have to make plans for pension support for the elderly.

    The younger generation will not be in a position to contribute to the state pension fund to keep it afloat. By the time they reach retirement age, there will not be a state pension for them.

    To counteract this trend, each person will have to start some or other saving program from an early age.

    I’m looking forward to see the documentary.

  2. Milan,

    Thanks so much for dropping by and sharing your views. I find it quite intriguing to hear about different countries and how the lower birth rates are affecting them. It sounds like Germany is one of those whose birth rates are already lower than recommended for replacing the population.

    I hope you do watch Demographic Winter, I think you will find it enlightening.

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