Morning Sickness

This pregnancy has been different. I know, each pregnancy is different anyway and I should know that more than the average woman, having been pregnant 13 times now. But the thing is, why does it catch you off guard? Why does it throw a wrench in my daily routine?

I had an extremely busy weekend last weekend and paid for it this week. I was thankful that I felt relatively good all weekend with the errands, shopping, birthday meal preparations, church and visiting my mother-in-law. This week though, I have felt pretty rotten, nauseated, tired and suffering from back pain – I think we need a new mattress, at least I am hoping that’s what is causing this discomfort and not something amiss with baby!

That’s not to complain, but to share that I haven’t been able to do everything that I want to do. I’ve just felt like zoning, so I have been watching movies, sleeping and doing the bare necessities. I miss my older girls a lot while they help my mother-in-law, but this is helping my younger crew learn more responsibility without having to rely on their big sisters and mom so much. I just hope they don’t hate me when they grow up! The worries of a mother, eh?

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